I wanted to use a low- or no-VOC paint for our temporary bedroom, so I stopped by my local Home Depot store, to see what they carried. I asked the very helpful paint person to point me in the direction of their offerings.  I’d been eying the Martha Stewart paint but figured I’d be stuck with just a few color choices in their branded no-VOC paint.  To my surprise, she took me right over to it and explained that it’s technically low-VOC but that the volatile organic compounds are not in the paint base but in the color, so lighter colors are closer to no-voc.  I was thrilled!

Behr Color choices for the bedroomI picked out the colors I loved, had them mix 2 of the base and 1 of the accent color in satin and headed home. I was painting over white, so I figured a gallon for the bedroom, but I also realized that since I’d painted three sample swatches of paint on the wall previously, it might take two coats.  Imagine my surprise when the paint covered even the khaki green swatch in one coat! I’m in love with this paint! No smell whatsoever, covers beautifully, and fabulous colors.

Testers are $2.94 and they can be ordered online. They had just a few selected samples available for purchase at my local store; however, the online store had quite a larger selection available.  They also come in handy if you’re painting a mural and need lots of colors or are doing small woodwork or frame projects.  They also offer a  really cool Martha Stewart Living Interior Paint Tester Designer Sampler Pack (Pack of 14) for just $9.98.

Actual color we chose was Martha Stewart Living Rice PaperYou can also virtually paint a room with your color choices with the Home Depot Room Visualizer. First pick the room you want to redecorate (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bath, etc.), select a flooring, and then pull up the paint tab.  Just be sure to select just the Martha Stewart colors by allowing the entire palette to load and then selecting by manufacturer.  A pop-up window comes up initially to show you all the manufacturer’s available, and you’d think you could just click on the Martha Stewart brand there, but you can’t.  You have to wait for all of the palettes to load (all 5700+ which depending on your internet speed can take a minute or tw0) and then select “Brand”, choose Martha Stewart, then click on “Apply”.

Granted, none of the virtual rooms look remotely like any room in my house, but it’s nice to see the recommended color combinations. You can also print out the color names and numbers you’re interested in – it makes them much easier to find at the store.  You also get a list of suggested tools and implements so you can checkoff what you need before you leave home.  I used it yesterday when I went to buy trim paint and it made the trip to the store a breeze.

While I was at the Home Depot, I noticed they  just launched a new Martha Stewart Living experience that includes everything from kitchens to décor, paint, flooring, and storage. The craft room cabinets are amazing (I’ve seen them online but forgot to look for them at the store). I’m sure they’re not in my craft room budget, but a girl can dream!  What’s cook about the Martha Stewart line is that is uses  a really cool easy-to-use color symbol key so you know what matches – just match the symbols from any product in the line  It really helps takes some of the guess work out of putting together a room.  After using the Home Depot Room Visualizer I changed to a color it suggested and loved it!  (I’ll post that project tomorrow) .

The room I painted used to be my oldest son’s room. We’re moving in to it while we redo our master bedroom.  We have to scrape the ugly 1970’s popcorn ceiling, pull up the carpet and replace it with laminate, change out all of the electrical outlets, and remove wallpaper (luckily only above the chair-rail).  With my husband working two jobs and this being my busy time for my online store, it’s going to take us a few weeks to complete it all.  After the master bedroom is done this room will become my craft room.  I can’t wait!

Check out the Martha Stewart Living color online at Home Depot.