Deskercise is easy, fun, and works

I work online 8-16 hours a day and because of a neurological disorder, typical exercise is not something I’m able to do. Still, I want to remain fit and flexible so I’ve been looking for something to aid me in this effort that’s something I can do from home, doesn’t require special equipment (although if someone wanted to give/donate a treadmill to me I’d be ECSTATIC!), and that is budget-friendly.  I think I’ve found the perfect fit for me and I found it accidentally online!

What is Break Pal?

Break Pal videos lead you through 1-4 minute exercises you can do sitting or standing right at your desk

Break Pal videos lead you through quick exercises you can do sitting or standing right at your desk

I ran across, downloaded the timer, and have been hooked since! is a free service that reminds you at intervals throughout  the day to take a break and exercise. You choose if you want to do seated or standing exercises and what intensity. There are also relaxation exercises. I have my reminders set for every 15 minutes so it forces me to stop, stretch or exercise for 3-5 minutes, and then get back to work.

Exercises and Stretching For All Abilities

The exercises are provided through easy-to-watch videos and I’ve loved every one so far. My only complaint, and it’s a small one, is that I’d prefer that when the timer go off it provide a exercise.  Instead, I have to pick one.  I’d love for it to come up automatically and in a set pattern they choose since they’re the experts.  This tiny fault aside, this is perfect for anyone who spends too much time online whether it be working or playing.  I think it’s perfect for parents of kids and teens – set them up and require them to move while playing to keep earning time – win,  win!  Or, this is perfect for the college student that’s cramming – it’ll recharge you!  In fact, some teachers have even started using this in their classrooms for themselves and the kids – love it!

With Break Pal You Will:

  • Get in Shape Right at Your Desk!
  • Lose Weight the Easy Way!
  • Feel Better and More Energized!
  • Get More Done!
  • It’s Like You Spent 45 Minutes at the Gym Every Day! (but you didn’t really have to go to the gym – 8 hr day with 30 minute Break Pal actives)

Free Basic Membership

The free basic membership includes the exercises delivered right to your desktop, timer to remind you to do them, and social features so you can interact with virtual workout buddies. You can even get a premium membership for free. All you have to do is earn enough points and you’ll be automatically upgraded to premium membership.  Here’s how you earn points (and no, I don’t receive points for posting this info, but if I send you an email invite I will.  I’m happy to send invites and obtain the points).  I don’t know all the details of the premium membership so I’m not really working at earning points, I’m really happy with the basic membership right now.

On the Road to Wellness

I’ll be starting a 21-day Vegan  Kickstart program next month and I think will be a good addition to that program. I’ll let you know how it’s going for me in a few weeks.  So far it’s been a few days and I’m feeling an improvement, especially from the yoga poses!  They’re tough!