Is this bug eating my broccoli

We are not seasoned gardeners. We’ve planted a few things over the years, some successful, some not.  But this year we tried some new things.  One being Broccoli.  The husband LOVES the stuff so we figured why not grow our own organic version.  We bought organic starts and have been watering them religiously.  They’re about 2 ft tall now and just starting to flower in the center.  But unfortunately, something is snacking on the leaves.  To combat the destruction, we bought some organic safer soap and some organic slug bait.  They don’t seem to be helping or we’re not treating them often enough.

Whatever is causing the trouble is not a large animal (deer or rabbit), it’s definitely some type of insect.  Although we’ve tried to find the culprit, we’ve never been able to, until yesterday. The hubby snapped two photos – perhaps someone can help us identify these creepy crawlies so we can fight them!  I’ve done some Googling but not found these or anything that’s expected in our region (Pacific Northwest, near Seattle).

We’ve treated them several times but the leaves continue to disappear, piece by piece. Sometimes starting as a hole in the middle of the leaf which leads me to think it’s the bug above, and other times it’s obvious they’re snacking on the outer-side of the leaf like a caterpillar, so maybe the work of whatever is growing below.

Is this going to hatch into a broccoli eater?

Any ideas on their identity?