Insight Guides United States on the Road Travel GuideWe’re not planning a road-trip this summer, but we have taken many in the past and loved them. I was thrilled to get the Insight Guide “United States on the Road” to review.  Thumbing through the pages brought back such great memories of family trips when the kids were little.  Reading the book reminded me of all the places we stopped along the way and many of the sites we took in.

The book is an easy read and full of great information on traveling by car including lots of historical  information, including a great deal of fun facts on the infamous Route 66. I think I enjoyed the historical parts of the book almost more than the travel info.  The hubby and I read passages of it to each other over dinner, marveling at the stories.

Brian on a Family Roadtrip

If you’re looking for detailed destination or city information, this isn’t the book for you. Nor does it have detailed maps.  What it is is the perfect companion for a road atlas and a great way to see what you may be interested in visiting along specific routes in the US (five trips around the USA are presented —Atlantic, Northern, Central, Southern and Pacific).  It’s the perfect book to read when looking for a new adventure or if you just want to read about other parts of the US. In fact, you don’t have to be traveling at all to enjoy it.  The photos in this book are amazing and worth the purchase price alone.  And, you may discover new places to visit in your own locale – I did!

We’re loving the book and will be sharing it with our children and who knows, maybe there’s one last family road-trip to come.