We’ve been seeing more birds in our yard the last few days. The new plantings we’ve been putting in really seem to be attracting them.  We couldn’t be happier!

Today my hubby saw a woodpecker in our front faux apple tree (faux because it blooms but doesn’t fruit – I’m sure there’s a better name for it, ornamental maybe?). We’ve heard woodpeckers occasionally in the past, but in 22 years we’ve never seen one.  This one is actually a small one and a larger (mom or dad maybe) has joined it.  They’re pecking into our tree in a perfect spiral pattern.

Seattle Red-headed WoodpeckerHere’s the “damage” that they’re doing to the tree. It appears they’re sucking the sap out of it.

Woodpecker Damage on Faux Apple treeThere are lots of flowers blooming. With exception of the rose, I can’t remember their names.  The nice thing about close-up photos is you get to see what’s eating your plants – looks like mites are on the roses – off to spray with safer soap.

Red Rose in the Garden with Mites

The lavender (not pictured) smells fabulous and the blue berries are amazing.  We’re going to have a huge crop this year!

Blueberries in June - Seattle, WAThe next three photos are from the same plant. I just bought it last week and have already forgotten the name.  The small plant has flowers in hues of pink, orange, and yellow and they’re paper thin.

Paper Flowers - Orange

Paper thin pink and yellow flowers - Seattle, WA

Paper thin pink and orange flowers - Seattle, WA
Here are some more wild pests I found in the yard today…the first is Jewel, the second is my gardener (aka hubby).
He’s wearing his fire radio – there were 3 water rescues within just a few hours of each other today.  First nice day in awhile and lots of people head to lakes and rivers around here.  Sadly, some don’t prepare properly and don’t make it home.

Our Pomeranian Jewel

My personal gardenerSome more plants I don’t remember the name of, but I thought they were beautiful.  I just love spring and the colors that come with it!

Purple ground cover flower - Seattle, WA