It’s crazy when you think about it. Literally tons of chemicals are poured into the environment, and millions of gallons of water are needlessly wasted growing plants.  But you can make a difference, and it’s easy.

When choosing plants for your garden, pick appropriate plants for your location. Plants that are considered native to your area will flourish with very little intervention.  For example, I live in the Northwest, so to plant tropical plants would be possible but would require constant intervention on my part.  For people living in the southwest, planting the same type of garden I have would require an immense amount of water.  Pick plants that can pretty much be left on their own and only require intervention under extreme weather conditions.

We’re working on making our yard more butterfly and hummingbird friendly, so we picked a Butterfly Bush and other native plants that will do the job and without extra work on our part. We chose healthy plants, prepared the soil well, watered them in well, provided fertilizer  and let them be.   Finding and using  organic fertilizers is easier than ever.  Lots of mainstream gardening companies now provide them!

Butterfly Bush doing its job attracting butterflies

We also picked plants that are disease-resistant because we don’t plan on using chemicals in our yard. We also chose additional plants that are natural pets repellents in and amongst our garden, specifically lavender, but we could have planted hot pepper or vanilla to do the same thing.  The lavender looks great, smells fabulous when blooming, and grows easily.  Should we need to spray later, we’ll spray for the specific problem and not use a broad-spectrum insecticide.  There are many organic pesticide products available.   Green Light Organic Neem Concentrate is one that works well.

Skip weed killers and pull weeds instead. It only takes a few minutes and get your kids involved.  It can be fun for the family.  Weeding by hand means fewer chemicals in your soil and your garden, and it gets you out in the sunshine and fresh air!

Gardening in a green manner comes down to simple steps – choose healthy plants, choose plants appropriate for your area, prepare the soil, use organic fertilizers, weed by hand, and enjoy! So you’re saving water, getting away from chemicals, and working in the garden.  It’s a step toward making the world a better place and every little bit helps!