No, I haven’t finished my first Downy Quilt, it just needs to be quilted and I haven’t learned how to do that yet. Until I do, I’ve started on my second.  This one is an adorable Alice In Wonderland print!  It’s so appropriate as I watched Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” this weekend!

I’m using the same 4-patch pattern and it’s coming together so much better than the first one.  By the time I finish my fourth, I might actually be good at this!  The best part is knowing that the child who receives it won’t care that it’s not perfect.  It’s truly made with lots of love and very little skill.  I actually did do it on my own, even if the photos show my mother fussing with it :).

Here’s my first Downy Quilts for Kids Quilt. My mother is working on an amazing quilt that I can share with you in about two weeks.  Wait until you see it, it’s so cute!

Want to make your own quilt for an ill child? You can request a kit here.   Martha Stewart also provides a visual step-by-step how-to for the pattern included in the kit here. Want to use your own fabrics?  You can download a cute heart quilt pattern here.


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