I love the flora and fauna of Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. Today I took a stroll around both parks and here are some of the animals and flowers I found.  My favorite locations are the wildflower display by “It’s A Bug’s Life” and another smaller area in front of the Matterhorn.  I wish I could share the smells with you too, divine!

The photo that made me search out a butterfly bush for my own home Pink and red flowers – taken at Disney’s California Adventure 2010

By the way, did you know that there are about 200 stray cats living in Disneyland and Disney’s CA Adventure? We saw just two on our visit.  Disney captures and spay or neuters all of the stray cats and finds home for any babies born here.  There are four permanent feeding stations as well.

The cats of Disneyland Daisy at Disney’s California Adventure Park near the winery Hollyhocks? I’m not sure what these are but I think they’re beautiful
I love the underside of the leaves – the textures are amazing
I love the orange color of this flower – I’ve not seen in the Pacific NW so I’m not sure what it is Flowers never fail to impress me with their beauty Flowers are unique and yet uniform at the same time – deliciously beautiful Ah, one of my favorite “Bug’s Life” characters. I love how Disney has him tucked into a garden I love butterflies and I was amazed at the coloring on this one – stunning Sweet pink and vibrant yellow – nature really knows how to put on a show Pale pink, white, and yellow flowers on a green foliage background Flowers and nature heal my soul Pink and yellow never clash in nature This orange flower makes me smile looking at it.

I’m pretty proud of this photo – butterfly on butterfly bush – LOVE