I admit it.  In the last year or so I’ve known something was changing. No, not the gray hair – I’ve had that for years.  It was the sudden change in my menstrual cycle.  Does it bother me?  Nope.  We made our decision about the number of children we were going to have about 15 years ago.  We made a permanent decision at that time that yes, I’ve regretted now and then, especially now that my kids are adults.  I miss their childhoods, not mine.  But now that I’m nearing 50, my body has decided it’s time to move on.

In a Gallup Poll,  the majority of women say that the ages between 50-65 were the happiest years of their lives.  In fact, these women were 5 times happier after menopause than they were in their twenties, and three times happier than in their 30’s or 40’s.”

When does menopause happen? As early as age 40 and it can last until well into your 50’s, but the average age is 51 at onset (I’m 48). What happens?  Unfortunately, it’s different for everyone.  What is common is that most women go through perimenopause for 4-8 years or so before actual menopause (the actual cessation of menstruation for 12 months or more).

As women we study, take classes, and talk to others about the 9 months of pregnancy.  And yet, perimenopause lasts for up to 8  years, and as women we know little about it, and short of a joke or two hinting at hot flashes, people just don’t talk about it.  It’s funny that such a large part of our life is rarely talked about and even worse, one most women don’t know about until they experience symptoms and look to their doctor for relief.  I fall into the later.


Menopause Symptoms – the list can be exhaustive.  Hot flashes, night sweats, changes in the menstrual cycle (more frequent, heaver, lighter, etc), pain during sex, insomnia, fatigue, hair grown, hair loss, dry skin, memory issues, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and more.  Some can be caused by the hormonal changes associated with menopause.  Some are normal changes due to aging.

What Can You Do?

What I learned from the DVD, “Menopause In An Hour”, that I’m already doing some things right. Quite by accident, I already discovered on my own what Dr. Tara Allmen, whom some refer to as the “Godmother of Menopause”,  refers to as A Loving Lifestyle  – the first step on the journey to wellness.  A Loving Lifestyle is one in which you fill your life with healthy food, clean water, and a purpose.  I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I feel, but it’s not solved all of my perimenopause symptoms.  It’s good to know I”m on the right path, but I need to do more. After watching Dr. Allmen’s DVD I know the path I need to take towards better wellness and management of my perimenopause symptoms.

There is so much valuable information on both lifestyle changes as well as medical interventions that may help my symptoms. The Doctor shares this information in a gentle manner with tips on how to find additional support.   I appreciate the women who are on their menopause journey sharing their real-world solutions for symptoms and their challenges as well.  Is it everything I need?  No, as Dr. Allmen states at the beginning, this is to be used in partnership with your health care professional.  But what the DVD does do is lay out what perimenopause and menopause is, what natural and medical things you can do to manage it, and let’s you know that you’re not on this journey alone.  The DVD includes a Symptoms & Solutions referral guidebook so you have information at your fingertips.  This is a great addition to the DVD.

The DVD is beautifully done, a joy to watch, and something I’d heartily recommend to anyone who may think she’s in perimenopause. Heck, for that matter, any woman because sooner or later, you’ll be here too.  Until then, I’m going to enjoy the last of my forties and look forward to what the Gallup Poll women shared…the best is yet to come!

In the next day or two I’ll be watching the free companion DVD,  “What’s Up With You Know Who?” and will review it as well. I’ve asked my husband to watch it as well, but we’ve not found a time when he’ll be able to for a few weeks.  Until then, I’ll check it out.  It’ll be good to know how my transition will be seen by, and affect, him.

Want more info? Check out Dr. Allmen’s  website and while you’re there, you can also subscribe to her newsletter or purchase the DVD (currently $19.95).  I love that a portion of the proceeds from the DVD sales are donated to research and education in women’s health studies.

About Dr. Tara Allmen

Dr . Allmen is a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, National Certified Menopause Practitioner, a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, CEO of The Allmen Foundation, as well as a Wife, Mother, and Friend.

Dr. Tara Allmen is one of America’s leading experts in menopausal medicine. She is a Nationally Certified Menopause Practitioner and highly respected in the medical community.

CAUTION:  Partner with your health care professional to discuss benefits and risks of any treatment.