I learned recently that KNOWN Terrorist Suspects cannot be stopped from buying firearms and explosives in the US because of a gap in federal law which leaves the FBI powerless to stop them. I was dumbstruck!  I just assumed that it wouldn’t be possible.  I was wrong.

President Bill Clinton just spoke out against this dangerous situation. The video below is of President Clinton telling Congress to close the Terror Gap and asking them to join him in stopping terrorists from getting guns and bombs:

“Before my wife made me a New Yorker, I was your standard American redneck, and I was shooting a .22 when I was 10- or 11-years-old. And it bothers me that everybody in Congress is so scared of the NRA that they won’t do things that 85 or 90 percent of the American people are plainly for.”

Are you as outraged as I am? There is such an uproar right now about reading terrorist suspects Miranda rights, but some politicians see the ownership of guns differently.  Senator Lindsay Graham (R-South Carolina)described the bill as an instrument of those who would ban guns altogether. “We’re talking about a constitutional right here,” he said.  No one is saying guns shouldn’t be sold, they’re just saying they shouldn’t be sold to anyone on a terrorist watch list.  I’m stymied that he supports the right of terrorist to purchase guns!

Want to learn more about Terror Gap? Visit their website and join me in signing the online petition  http://everytown.org/ to get this issue moved to the front of the line.  Perhaps if we weren’t providing the guns, ammunition, and bomb making supplies to KNOWN terrorists, we wouldn’t have to read them their Miranda Rights.