Seeds, soil, and containers for cold stratification

Awhile ago I ordered seeds from an eBay seller. I couldn’t have been more pleased with them when they arrived because she included detailed instructions on how to grow them.  Seems I’d ordered several perennials that required cold stratification first.  I had no idea!  But, not only did she include great details, she included everything I needed to get them started.

Each set of seeds that needed the cold stratification can in small oval containers along with a bag of soil. The purpose of cold stratification is to mimic winter for the seeds.  Once watered, the lid is attached, and the seeds are put into the refrigerator.  Three months later, the seeds are removed and started in the normal way.

The seeds are in cold storage for 3 months

If all of the seeds survive and I’m successful at starting and then replanting them, I’m going to have some gorgeous annual and perennial color in my yard. Better yet, they’ll attract butterflies and humming birds!  Until then, I have some funny looking containers in my refrigerator next to my vitamin B12 drops.  So little room in the fridge, but hopefully magnificent in the garden!