I think nearly every small kitchen appliance I own was working at one time or another today. I did an impromptu OAMC session – no planning, just took a look at the ingredients I had on hand and went to town.

I made English Muffins for the first time ever! I used a mix from KAF which didn’t have bread maker instructions, so I used my Kitchen-aid.  Next time I’m going to use this recipe from the King Arthur Flour blog.  The mix called for Semolina flour to dust the top and bottom; unfortunately, I didn’t have any.  I did have cornmeal but I didn’t even think of it until I read the recipe on the blog – gah!  They turned out great anyway, but next time I’ll use cornmeal.

I also purchased their English Muffin rings (you can get them from any kitchen retailer)  and they worked beautifully! I don’t have  a griddle so I used my cast iron frying pan and made three at a time.  After nearly burning the first three, I got the temperature figured out and the rest turned out beautifully.  My hubby loved them!  Tomorrow I’ll use them to assemble his favorite grab-n-go breakfast sandwich. 

I also made cherry turnovers. I used Martha Stewart’s pie crust recipe and my new Progressive 4-piece Dough Press Set.  I’m in love!   I used sour cherry pie filling by Chukar Cherries (amazing!) and finished each with the vanilla dusting powder I purchased from Dove Discoveries. So much better than plain powdered sugar!  Before baking (350 approx 10 mins), I brushed them with 1 egg mixed with 1tsp water.  I used the 2nd to the smallest turnover mold and it held 1 tbls of cherry filling (about 4 cherries & liquid).  It doesn’t sound like much, but these are 3-bite size pies and it’s perfect.  Add more and it oozes out everywhere when you fold it.  I never had to flour the mold – just the flour that was already on the crust from rolling.

I also made an old favorite, Spanish Rice, with homemade tomato sauce and Boca Recipe Crumbles so this time I could enjoy them! I’ll try to post the red sauce recipe tomorrow, it’s much too late tonight, but you can use your favorite homemade or purchased spaghetti sauce.  You’ll need approximately 12 cups of it, 12 cups of cooked white rice, 2 lbs of ground beef (browned) or 2 packages of Boca Recipe Crumbles.  Six cups of your favorite grated cheese (I used a Colby/Cheddar mix), 2 cans of whole black olives (sliced in half), chopped onion, and 2 tsp salt.  Mix it all in a very large bowl and then scoop into baking dishes.  I make these for my husband’s lunch so I use 7″ tin pans I purchased on eBay.  Freeze.   To cook, thaw then bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until heated through (the size of your container will make a difference in how long it takes to cook).    Delish!

I just took the last of the sandwich rolls out of the oven and finished two loaves of bread as well. I’ll share them tomorrow…er… later today. How’d it get to be tomorrow already?  And where’s the Ibuprofen, my back and feet hurt.  I need a Gel Pro mat, stat!