I love Cascadian Farm products. My favorites are their frozen organic berries and their organic fruit spreads.  I use their frozen berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc., in fruit smoothies.  Yes, they’re more expensive than their non-organic counterparts, but since strawberries have the highest pesticide residue of all fruits, it’s worth it to me.  I also love the convenience.  I pull them from the freezer and dump them right into my blender.  No ice necessary!  It’s a great way to help me get my five fruits and veggies a day

Cascadian Farm started practically in my backyard. Their first organic farm was on a few acres of land in the gorgeous Upper Skagit Valley in the North Cascade Mountains of  Washington state.  The area is impressive, even today, it’s pristine and beautiful.  From their small start in 1972, they’re now a group of farmers all providing organic fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals through health stores, online, and a growing number of mainstream grocery stores.  Cascadian Farm is now owned by General Mills, but it still has it’s small-town feel.  It also produces tomato-based organic products as well under the Cascadian Farm’s founding owner’s name, Muir Glen.

Their original farm is a nice stop on your way across the North Cascades Highway. They have a clean restroom, a place to purchase ice cream and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, and plenty of space to picnic. It’s not worthy of a drive to visit, there’s very little available, but as a rest stop, it’s worth 30-minutes or so to eat, stretch your legs, and look around.

Small outdoor retail area for in-season flowers and plant starters and restroom.

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Being owned by General Mills appears to have changed some of the products previously produced by the smaller Cascadian Farm. Many blogs report added sugar and fillers in some products and a change in taste and appearance in others as early as 2008 and still continuing in 2010.  It means that as consumers, we have to be diligent about reading labels, even on organic foods.  Know for sure what’s in it before you buy it and certainly let the company know when they’re moving away from great nutrition towards the processed foods that are already plentiful on our grocery store shelves.

Even with the issues above, I do love Cascadian Farm products and hope General Mills will listen to the needs and wants of their consumers and not make unannounced changes in their formulas in the future. I’ll continue to purchase their frozen organic fruit as long as the ingredients remain the same, just berries.

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I do appreciate their “behind the crop” series on their blog. They show the nutritional benefits of the highlighted food and then share recipes as well.  The style is inviting, and the recipes look delicious.  I’ll be trying some of these soon, especially when our own homegrown organic blueberries come on in July.  They also share green-cleaning ideas, homemade recipes, and more.  It’s a great place for getting additional information on moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

Cascadian Farm & Muir Glen Products I Recommend

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