Getting More than we Bargained For at the Groomer
We take “the girls” to the groomers about twice a year.
They need it more often, but it’s an indulgence, so we trim them in-between.  They went on Friday and as I checked them in, the receptionist asked if I wanted “the same as last time”.  I said sure.  Stupid me, I should have asked what they had down for last time.

Jewel Before Groomer

Getting Your Money’s Worth at the Groomers

When I arrived to pick up the girls I didn’t recognize Jewel at first. I saw Gracie, but there was a tiny Chihuahua next to her and no Jewel.   It was then that the Chihuahua turned around to look at me and I realized my gorgeous Pomeranian was now a short-haired Chihuahua!  Luckily I got there in time to keep them from cutting all of Gracie’s face hair off and just manged to stop them from cutting off her ears.  I’m not sure whose records they were looking at, but they weren’t my dogs!

Gracie Before the Groomer

The girls are freezing and so Gracie’s wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt. Jewel had one on for a little while but kept trying to get out of it so I took it off.  They’ve been under the covers since they got home or shivering and looking for a place to snuggle.  Next time I’ll be sure to say to keep the face & tails because I’ve learned the success to any good grooming experience is to be clear about your expectations when you drop of your pups.

I’m guessing this cut will last them for about 6 months. So while it may be a  smart money move, it costs the same to shave them bald as it does to do their regular cut, it’s cost Jewel some of her time out and about.  You see the hubby is embarrassed to take her on walks in the daylight. Too funny.