King Arthur Flour Kids Organic Snack Mixes

Today I’m doing a mini-OAMC day. I’m doing organic and vegetarian egg and muffin sandwiches as well as vegetarian breakfast burritos.  If I get time, I’m doing mini vegetarian quiches and hopefully some more individual cheesecakes.  The hubby REALLY liked these.

I also purchased got my bulk order of King Arthur Flour in the mail yesterday. Along with some organic bread flour and scone mix, I ordered some organic dessert mixes from their KAF Kid’s collection (there was a special in effect when I purchased them – they were $5.32, they’re now $6.95 but they have a free bag of flour with $60 purchase – also check out their Twitter feed for additional savings). Yes, they’re technically meant for kids, but hey, I like chocolate cupcakes, too!

I’m looking forward to trying the mixes. I think they’re a nice alternative to all those horrible boxed cakes and brownie mixes available.  If you’re going to use a mix, use organic!  There’s no one that is lacking pesticides in their diet, of that I’m pretty darn sure!  I’ll let you know how they turn out.  The bulk of them are going in the freeze so the hubby can grab them for his lunch and dinner at the station.  The youngest is coming home soon for the summer so I think he’ll be enjoying some as well!

I got the Chocolate Chipper Muffin Mix, Snicker Doodles Cookie Mix, and Chocolate Snack Cake Mix. They come in fun colored boxes that will appeal to kids and have easy to follow instructions in fun colors and fonts.  Cooking with my kids when they were little is one of my fondest memories and our drawers still have some of their kid-sized kitchen cooking utensils.  I can’t bear to get rid of them.

I’ve been meaning to dig through the old photos for some cooking ones. Sadly, those of us who had kids before the invention of digital cameras don’t have thousands of photos at the click of a mouse.  Someday I’m going to send them to a scanning service.  Until then, I have to dig through piles of them.