Well, the planned bedroom makeover is on hold which means my dream craft/sewing room is on hold as well. Now normally that would make me sad, but it’s for a good reason! Our youngest is moving home from college for the summer! Whoo hoo! It turns out that he’s going to take some courses this summer and they offer them online, so we get the pleasure of his company from next week until August!  Well, we’ll get to see him when he’s not off visiting his lovely girlfriend.  At college they’re 5hs apart, at home just about 2.

Simple enough to recreate in white? We'll see! Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

So, we can’t do the room swaps/changes until the fall. But that’s fine, it gives me more time to dream and now it puts the kitchen island front and center. I’ve been looking at more ideas for my crafting room. I have a few pieces I know I’ll likely use it there. Two tall, thin cabinets from Ikea with two long shelves at the top. I have the same one in my office with my desk underneath. It provides fabulous storage. I’m thinking I’ll use the two towers with their drawers and shelves to frame out my sewing/craft desk. I also found the sweetest counter height table at Pottery Barn that I’m going to show the hubs and see if he can make me something similar that’s longer and only has storage on one size and joins on the other with the Ikea tower or sewing desk.

The other benefit of waiting is watching Craigslist for some large, inexpensive bulletin boards to cover with fabric. If we don’t find one, we’ll be creating something.  It’s so much fun designing and redesigning it in my head.  I’ll also watch for some more Ikea cabinets and shelves  – that’s where the two sets we have came from.

I think I’ve virtually painted the room every color under the sun so far.  It’ll be interesting to see the real thing if it ever gets done. Oh, and want to hear something funny?  Hubby tore the rug out of our bedroom so until we do the swap, it’s a wood underfloor for me.  We didn’t really have a choice, when the cat got sick last week she bled on just about every exposed piece of light beige, 22 year-old carpet.  Hubby didn’t even try to clean it because we were going to remodel.  Oh well!