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I have no problem paying taxes. I feel they’re a small price to pay for the privileged of having been born here.  What I object to is actually doing them!  Our appointment with our tax professional is Tuesday night so both the hubby & I are feveriously trying to get all of our stuff together.  We both have a small business, I do contract work, and he has a “real” job as well.  Plus we have a son in college.  Can you say complicated!

I swear, like I do every year, that next year I won’t let my paperwork pile up. That I’ll file as mail comes in, and I’ll print and file all recipets.  Yea, I swear it’s going to happen this time.   If not, I’ll be back here next year about this time complaining, again 🙂

Wish us luck on Tuesday and life will resume on Wednesday – finally!