Money Saving Mom is having a Clear Out the Clutter Challenge. To participate, pick your biggest clutter challenge and show your before and after.  Simple, huh.  But sometimes identifying clutter is easy, getting started on it is not.  It can be overwhelming.

My hubs and I are alone now, so we no longer have the added pressure of chaos caused by the kids, but even with them gone we find we have to fight it. The worst is the office.  Second?  The spice cupboard in the kitchen and the linen closets.   In the kitchen we have stuff in there that is dated from the last time we cleaned it out – 1993. Pathetic, huh.  Now I’m a Best By freak, so I never use anything out of date.  As soon as it’s discovered, it’s tossed.  But with a cupboard approximately 12-14″ deep and three shelves high, there’s lots of items that have been shoved to the back and forgotten.  Additionally, there are lots of items I no longer eat – food coloring, certain additives, etc., and they’re still in the cupboard.  It’s time for them to go.

My kitchen clutter secret - the spice cupboard

Here’s a photo of the cupboard. I realized when I took the picture it didn’t look that bad, but the truth is it’s so full that closing the door pushes everything back onto the shelf and as  you can see, there’s not room for one more thing.  Often when I reach for something a few other items fall out.  It’s time to toss the old stuff, the stuff I won’t use, and organize what’s left so I no longer have 3 bottles of oregano and none of rosemary.  I purchased the spinning rack when we moved into the house – 22 years ago.  It was a pain then and it still is.  I’m looking for something to replace it.  There are spices in the middle that require you to remove just about everything in front of them to see what in the middle.  Bad design.

Unfortunately, I procrastinated in doing my business taxes and I have to have them done by Tuesday. I’m making a public statement that I’ll have this cupboard cleaned by Thursday of next week or pay a penance!  What will it be?  Perhaps tackling the office 🙁

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