I’ve decided I want to spend some time sewing. The only problem is with tax day looming, and a date with our business tax person on the 12th, the deadline for me getting my stuff together is looming.  Because I’d rather cook or sew than do the taxes, I needed an incentive to keep me on track.  I’ve been buying quilting fabric on eBay waiting for my sewing room to be put together now that the oldest has moved out, but I needed more.  I was thrilled to find Downy Quilts for Kids, it’s exactly what I needed.

Downy Quilts for Kids is a volunteer organization that provides homemade quilts to kids who are critically ill. Downy, Quilts for Kids, Inc., and the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals partnered to provide support and funds but it’s volunteers who sew and quilt the blankets.  Not a sewer?  You can donate fabric or money for the project.  Learn more about it here and in the coming month or so I’ll be sharing my attempts at my first ever quilt.  It just seemed appropriate that it go to a child.

I requested a kit here, and it arrived in about two weeks. The fabric is adorable!  Butterflies and bugs in bright colors.  It’s fabric I would have picked out and will love to work with!

Here’s my stash of quilting fabric and patterns – I can’t wait to get busy with them