I took a few minutes to tour the garden today to see what’s blooming, what’s spent, and what’s to come. I was disappointed to find the camellia is nearly finished blooming. It’s foliage is still beautiful, but it’s in an area that we can’t see from any window, and it blooms during a very wet and rainy time here in Seattle.  It was here when we moved in and it’s so large and lovely, we’ve been afraid to move it.  We try to remember to go out and enjoy it while it’s blooming.

The crocus are nearly gone but the hyacinths are still standing strong, even against the heavy wind and rain we had the other day.  We have them in white and purple and they smell divine!

The flowering cherry tree in the front yard is in full bloom. I love seeing it from the kitchen window as I cook or do dishes.  When the wind picks up it “snows” its blossoms all over the grass, much to the hub’s dismay.  He doesn’t see the same beauty I do in the scattered blooms, he sees them as work.  In front of that tree is our pink dogwood tree.  Its buds are set and it’s going to be a glorious display this year!  It blooms for such a short time, but it’s literally a foot from the kitchen window, so I get to enjoy it close up and at the flower level as the kitchen is on the second floor.

Joining the white tulips from last week are some gorgeous orange ones. I almost missed them as they didn’t survive the winds & rain from the other night quite as well as the others.

Here’s what’s bloomin’ in the garden this week:

Well that’s embarrassing!  Yes, it’s 2010, don’t know why my fingers typed 2009.