Saturday was unusually beautiful here in Seattle. I packed up the “kids” and headed over to my moms to do a little sewing.  While there, I snapped a few pics of her Daffodils.  I’m not a huge daffodil fan, so I have very few in my yard.  My mom loves them so she’s got lots of colors and varieties.  I snapped these just it time, about an hour later it started to rain.

My mom and I were getting together to make some fabric Easter Eggs. We found the design on Retro Mama’s website and decided it’d be a great way to use up scraps.   Also, we thought we’d send them to my nieces children.  If they’re like mine were, they’d love hiding and finding them as a game.  We had a great time!  My sister joined us and we teased each other, laughed, and giggled like school girls.  Somehow mom escaped the camera that day.

Here are pics from the day: