Some time ago I watched a show featuring Jamie Oliver, better known as the “Naked Chef“, as he took on the school food served in his home country. He met with tons of resistance, but in the end, everyone knew that fresh food was better for the kids.  The school staff worked as a team with Jamie to help the kids learn the value of fresh cooked foods and even to love them.

Jamie Oliver – The Naked Chef brings his Food Revolution to the US – Image via Wikipedia

I was thrilled when I saw that Jamie was bringing the same “revolution” to the US.  Silly me, I imagined it would go much like the UK version.  A bit of resistance but trust and hope would move them forward.  Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong and in the end I was completely ashamed of the way he was treated here.  He was accused of being here for TV and not being authentic.  They put up roadblocks and were openly rude at every chance.  Instead of being open to change, they resisted it and worse, they looked for every way possible to make it difficult. I was appalled at the behavior these “adults” were demonstrating towards a simple one week experiment that very well could change the way they feed their kids moving them off the most unhealthy location in the US.

I hope that on future episodes that the cafeteria ladies who were so opposed to change, change that would benefit the kids, realize what a blessing it was to have Jamie come and help move towards better nutrition for the kids, and apologize to him. If not, then the stereotype’s they say they hate so much will be proven as truth.  Instead of rolling your eyes and making accusations, work with him or anyone who has the kids’ health in mind.  To do the opposite shows you care not for the kids’ health.

French Fries are NOT a vegetable! – Image via Wikipedia

Will children eat healthy food? Absolutely!  But if you fill their world with chicken nuggets and other fast food items it’s going to be more difficult.  All that salt and fat is hard to compete against, especially when many additives in processed foods specifically are put there to make you crave them.  What happened in the 80’s that made it OK for all food to come in a box, frozen, to be reheated?  REAL food is fast and easy.  Yes, I’m fat.  I got this way by eating too much processed food and by having MS which my most significant issue is fatigue.  But, about a year and a half ago I switched to real food – fresh, home-cooked, and balanced, and my MS is better than it’s ever been.  I truly believe that any mom, working full-time outside the home or not, can cook real food.  Jamie’s site is one place to find help (sign up for emailed recipes or check out the free recipe archive).  While you’re there, if you believe America needs to revamp their school food system, pledge to change.  I did.  French fries should NOT be considered a vegetable!

Watch the first episode replay on Friday.  If you miss it, I’m assuming it’ll be available on or soon afterward. I honestly believe Jamie is as sincere as he was when he did this in the UK, and the doubters on the show just don’t have a clue how committed he is to really getting people, ALL people, to rethink food and realize we need great food to have great health.

Don’t miss Jamie Oliver on the ABC network:

Episode 1 Sunday 21st March 10pm EST (sneak peek!)
Episode 1 Friday 26th March – 8pm EST

Episode 2 Friday 26th March– 9pm EST
Episode 2 Saturday 27th March – 4pm EST (repeat)

Episode 3 Friday 2nd April – 9pm EST
Episode 3 Saturday 3rd April – 3pm EST (repeat)

Episode 4 Friday 9th April – 9 pm EST
Episode 4 Saturday 10th April – 3 pm EST (repeat)

Episode 5 Friday 16th April – 9 pm EST

Season finale Friday 23rd April – 9 pm EST

To Jamie, you go guy! Thank you for giving up 3 months of your life, away from your family, to try to bring attention to the nutritional issues here in the US.  I’m so sorry you were treated so poorly.


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