Mom, child, and matching American Girl Doll Aprons

I love to sew, but I just never make the time for it. Also, I have one really broken down sewing machine that I got 30 years ago. It breaks needles like crazy and drives me nuts, so I rarely pull it out of the closet.  On the other hand, my mom is a quilter and she has the most amazing sewing machines and all the sewing accouterments available. She also has an enormous fabric stash dating back about 20 years and she continues to buy fabric on every outing to a fabric store.

I went over to her house on Saturday to make fabric Easter Eggs. Instead, we made what I think is the most adorable mom & daughter aprons!  The pattern was Simplicity 3746 and included the patterns for all three sizes (fits misses to size 18, kids to size 8, and American Girl Doll).  My mom paid too much at Joanne’s Fabric for it  (full price $16.99) – it’s on Amazon for $4.98 with $4.99 shipping.  We made pattern #A.

Ok, my machine is not quite this old 🙂 Image via Wikipedia

I chose the sweetest blue fabric with the most adorable yellow and white daisies and did the accents in bright yellow. The aprons are lined in white and I added a bit of lace at the top of the pockets.  I’m nearly finished with the American Girl Doll (18 inch) apron as well.  I’m thinking these will go to my niece who has a 2 year old, but we’ll see.

My mom’s dog  helped us out a time or two while we were sewing. That’s Bella helping us with the fabric in the photos below.  My dog, Jewel, spent the whole time sleeping.  She wasn’t as thrilled with all the fabric and tissue paper floating around the room.

Yes, I have machine envy. She has a quilting machine, embroidery machine, serger, and two regular sewing machines.  I only hope I can spirit one away some time and bring it home to live with me – shhhhhh.