Brian left one day with a suitcase in his hand and said see you Thursday! Weird, since it was Tuesday and I new he wasn’t  leaving for Egypt until sometime the next week.  I figured he was just pulling my leg and maybe loaning his suitcase to someone. That’s so Brian. Maui Hawaii  2009 Photos

When he didn’t come home that night I started to wonder if he had left the country and maybe I got the dates mixed up. I got a little worried because the hubs and I buy travel insurance for him when he travels internationally.  Not the kind of travel insurance that repays you if your flight is canceled, this is the health and safety kind that will help evacuate him from the country he’s in and to provide medical care over and beyond what his own health insurance covers.  It doesn’t cost much, and I hope he’ll never need it.  But I’d be a nervous wreck if I ever got a phone call that he was injured. A coworker was in a car accident while visiting Australia.  She was there for months in the hospital and then a kind local family took her in while she recovered and until she could travel.  It was a nightmare for her and her family.  I just don’t want that to happen to my son.

Luckily, the hub’s knew he was headed to Hawaii. I guess I heard him say it, but I really didn’t think he’d be going so close to an international trip.  I should have known better.  Brian can take off for a day trip to LA, an overnight to Philadelphia, just as easy as he can leave for three weeks to Africa.  For a kid that used to hate to fly, he’s been on flights that lasted 15 hours or more, and total travel from home to vacation spot is over 24, and still arrived in a good mood.

Here are my favorite pictures from his quickie trip to Maui, Hawaii in November 2009.