When we were trying to decide on names when we were pregnant with both kids, we tossed out most because they were horrible with our three letter last name, they resulted in embarrassing initials, or one of us knew someone with that name that we didn’t like and thus we couldn’t name our child that. We did also want to honor our fathers, but we discounted my father’s names, Richard (Dick) Worth right away.   We couldn’t imagine saddling a child with Dick or Worth for that matter.  On my husband’s side I don’t remember if we discussed his father’s middle name, in fact, I don’t know what it is!  Hmm….going to have to remedy that.

Anyway, back when we had kids it was very rare to have more than one ultrasound, you were lucky if you got one picture, and they certainly never did one to find out the sex of the baby. Therefore, we had to have both a girl’s and a boy’s name.  Funny thing, for both pregnancies we never did agree on a girls name, so I guess we’re lucky they were both boys!

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We finally settled on Brian John, John being my father-in-law’s first name and my husband’s middle name. We failed on the initials issue though – he’s BJ or BO.  Oh well, we tried!  For our second, we named him Alex Steven.  Steven is my husband’s first name.  I don’t remember why we chose Alex, I think we just liked it.  My husband insisted on Alex and not Alexander. We failed Alex on the initials also. He’s ASO and trust me, the kids loved teasing him about that! I realized when the kids were in school that it doesn’t really matter how long you work on getting just the right name, kids will find something funny about it.

You’d think that since we named the boys 22 & 24 years ago, I wouldn’t have cause to rethink our choices. But this last week I started getting interested in our family tree.  In researching it, it was fabulous to see a family name that went back for generations.  Sometimes starting as a surname, and then moving to middle or first name throughout the generations.  Now I’m wishing we’d have tossed aside the worry that they’d be teased for having Worth or my maiden name, Burke, as a middle name.  If I could do it over, I’d use them.  I’m hoping to have a discussion about it if my boys ever have kids. Just to see if they’ll consider honoring my family in their child’s name, since their children will already carry my married name. At the very least, to let them know my regrets, in case their wives would like their maiden name considered. Ironically, I took Burke as my middle name when I got married, ya think I would have thought of it then!

BURKE Gender: Masculine  Usage: English  Pronounced: BURK  From an English surname which was derived from Old English burh meaning “fortress”
WORTH Gender: Masculine Usage: English Frequency: top1000 Pronounced: WHURTH Taken from the English surname

It turns out that I have a relative on both sides of the family that have already researched our roots. I can’t wait to get the info and see exactly where my family came from. I’m so excited!


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