Spring Crocus

While we were away at the Disney Social Media Mom’s conference in Florida, our garden started blooming! While we might have missed the budding, we were able to enjoy them in full bloom.  Good thing, as a heavy rain is forecast for tonight and generally the crocus don’t survive.

We planted these crocus bulbs (actually corms) years ago. The purple and variegated when we first bought the house 22 years ago.  They used to be interspersed with yellow ones, but they’ve sadly disappeared over the years.  We’re not sure if they just weren’t hardy enough for a particularly cold winter – we do have them occasionally- or if they happened to be a deliciously tasty treat to the local animal population.  Either way, I’m glad some still survive and I love how other plants have now grown over them so they’re popping out of unexpected places.  I also love the moss that’s collected in the very wet garden we’ve had this year – it really sets off the color beautifully!

The white were planted 2-1/2 years ago in a memorial garden for our little foster-turned-adopted Maltese dog named Missy.  She’s buried beneath the garden and we planted all white  and pale pink flowers to remember her.  Crocus, tulips, and more blooming from early spring until fall to remind us of her rough life, her short time with us, and that she was a part of our life and we loved her.  I posted the following on my website at the time:

Fall started with a terrible tragedy for us  We lost our beloved Missy to a terrible accident.  Two veterinarian’s tried to save her but her little 4-1/2 pound body just was damaged too severely.  We buried our little girl beneath this grave marker and planted a garden in her honor.  In the spring she’ll be surrounded by pink and white daffodils, tulips, and crocus.

The only way for us to move past the pain of losing Missy was to adopt a puppy.  It was the only way to stop the tears.  We brought Grace into our home.  She’s the same breed as Missy, a Maltese, but nothing like her.  She’ll never replace Missy but she brings smile and laughter to our home again.  She’s 5 months old and teething and driving big brother Blaze crazy by stealing all his toys.  Missy would have loved her.

The sun was shining today, the sky so blue with lovely clouds, and the flowers blooming. What a lovely day.