I went to my first reunion, against my better judgment, because my sister talked me into it.  Her husband graduated the same year as I, so we went as a foursome.  It was strange seeing the people I’d tried to forget about for so long still replaying the same social status they had in high school. I was instantly back to being the shy girl with the bad clothes, bad skin, and hand-me down clothes.  I’d escaped all that after high school, but every time a reunion comes around I start reliving that life.

Watching the TV show High School Reunion reminds me why I swore I’d never attend another reunion and I’ve kept my word – I just missed our 30th. Granted, the cast from this show are way over the top compared to my own story.   But I guess that’s what makes watching the show way more fun than living it in real life.  These people say to each other what I wish I could say to those who made my high school years hell.

Romance? I didn’t date a single boy from my school.  Well, that’s not quite right.  I went to a lake with one boy and went fishing I think, but that was it.  I was fortunate that one of my fellow bandmembers felt sorry for me and asked me to our prom. I reconnected with him on Facebook after our recent renioun, and it was there that I apologized for being such a bad date.  He’s a sweetheart and posted this pic of us.

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