Low Calorie Fruit Smoothie Recipe

I’ve seen lots of recipes for smoothies, but most have too many ingredients or too much sugar. My favorite smoothie is any frozen fruit and either Diet 7-Up or any lemon-lime flavored diet soda.  I know, diet soda isn’t good for me, but it’s my one vise.  I don’t smoke, do drugs, drink or eat meat, but I LOVE diet pop.

Anyway, a year or so ago I bought this wanna-be stand-by for the much advertised bullet blender. It doesn’t whip milk into mousse like the Bullet says it can (I tried, I really, really tried), but it makes a pretty decent smoothie!  And that’s what I needed.  For my smoothie, 1-cup of frozen berries.  Tonight I used organic strawberries.  And approximately 1 cup of soda (check your fill line on your machine).  Turn it over and blend!

Low Calorie Fruit Smoothie Recipe - Fast and Easy

When you open the container it will fizz just a little bit. If you’ve not gone past the fill-line you should be fine.  If you’ve got the fruit to soda ratio correct it should blend up and pour immediately.  However, sometimes if you’re a little off you’ll need to add more soda or more fruit. Just remember not to go over the fill line (it makes a HUGE mess 🙂

That’s it!  Drink straight from the container with straw. It won’t last long – it’s delicious!  And yes, there’s NO sugar added.  Just fresh fruit & diet soda.  About 75 calories depending on the amount of strawberries.  You can add other things like a banana, but it totally changes the makeup.  This smoothie is fresh, sparkling, and delish just the way it is.

Two Ingredient Low Cal Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Mine’s gone.  Goodnight!