This super-easy and very simple skillet braised port chops in Vermouth or white wine sauce recipe is quick to put together from ingredients you probably have on hand, and is simply delicious! The braising liquid is finished with flour to make a delicious gravy that’s served over the meat as well as your favorite side of potatoes or rice.  I served these to my hubby with mashed potatoes and canned green beans (I know, yuck! But they’re his favorite).

Vermouth can be either white (dry), or red (sweet), and is made from white wine flavored with aromatic extracts and spices. I’ve made this dish with both dry vermouth and dry white wine.  Both taste fabulous. I keep cooking Vermouth on hand and use it quite often.  However, because I only cook with it and don’t drink it, I can’t tell you if there’s a huge difference in the taste between the cooking variety and the martini making version.

Skillet-Braised Pork Chops in Vermouth or White Wine Sauce
This is a super easy recipe that tastes like you're a gourmet cook!
Cuisine: American
Type: Dinner
  • 4 Pork Chops, approximately 1-1/2" thick
  • 2 tsp Olive Oil or Butter
  • 1 cup Vermouth or Dry White Wine
  • Dash Pepper
  • 1 Tablespoon Parsley Flakes or fresh
  • 1 Tablespoon All-purpose Flour
  1. Add the oil or butter to your oven-proof skillet. Pepper the chops and add them to the heated pan (medium). Brown both sides of the pork chops, approximately 5 minutes on each side (I also sear the edges).
  2. Add the wine.
  3. Cover and bake in a 325-degree F oven for 45-minutes or until the chops are fork tender. Remove the pan from the oven; remove chops and keep warm.
  4. For the Sauce/Gravy:
  5. In a small bowl, blend the flour with ¾-cup water until smooth. Gradually stir into pan liquid, making sure you scrape up all the browned bits as you do. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until the mixture is thickened.
  6. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the parsley.
  7. Serve the sauce over the warm pork chops