After about 6 hours of trying to decide what to buy, I finally decided on a Canon PowerShot SX20IS 12.1MP Digital Camera with 20x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.5-inch Articulating LCD. Whew, that’s a name!  I decided on it for several reasons.  First, I love Canons and have had them for years (actually decades, yikes, I’m old!). Every one of the cameras has been reliable and each took beautiful pictures within its specs.  I still own every one of them with an occasional Sony thrown in the mix.

Secondly, an articulating LCD was very important to me and something that’s no longer available on the lower-end models. I have one on my current Canon and can’t imagine taking photos without it. Especially when trying to snap a pet or child – sometimes you gotta hold the camera in some weird ways to get a great shot and the articulating LCD allows you to do that.

I was also impressed by its optical zoom – a nice 20X! Optical gives you a better photo and I prefer optical to digital zoom.  It’s also a wide-angle lens!  I’m so excited about this feature!  Here is an amazing gallery of photos shot with a wide-angle lens – it’ll give you a sense of what can be done with one.

I’m so excited about the camera that I ordered it with one-day delivery (yea Amazon!). Unfortunately, right after I ordered it I found a SD-CF II : SD to CF Type II Adapter (Supports SDHC) that may make the Eye-Fi Home Wireless 2 GB Secure Digital Card (EYE-FI-2HM) work with my old Canon.  Sure, this solution is about $350 less, but now that I’ve ordered the new camera I REALLY WANT IT!  So, I ordered the card reader and will try it.  However, if the new Canon  takes phenomenal photos, I just may keep it!