Pink Lady Wreath Details

Every year it’s the same.  After the holidays, come the holiday blues.  I’m not sure if it’s the weather – I’m in Seattle and it’s gray and rainy most of December, January, and February. Or it’s the let down after all the craziness that is the holidays.  But maybe it’s missing those that are not here any more, or the feeling that things are changing, and I’m no longer in control.

I even skipped out on the family Christmas Eve this year, again. Yes, I did have a migraine, but I get those all the time.  I just didn’t feel like it.  I missed Thanksgiving as well, staying home alone instead.  What makes someone with a large and loving family stay home alone?  I have no idea, but I keep doing it.  And yet I know that someday I won’t have the chance, and I’ll regret skipping these holidays, when I could be part of such a large and loving group.

I know how lucky I am to have the option of being blue. But that isn’t helping right now.  I watched the  best show on the Travel Channel the other day.  Meet the Natives – USA.  Boy, are we spoiled.  We have all kinds of luxuries others don’t and yet many of us are not happy.  It’s overwhelming at times.  Sadly, they don’t have the show available online, but if you get the chance to watch it, do.  It’ll remind you of all the good there is in the world and that a simply life can be the most fulfilling.

I’m not sure what causes the winter blues, but I know they’re real.  I haven’t been blogging, not keeping up with friends, not really doing anything but lying here wishing I wasn’t feeling so sad. I’m going to try making myself post once a day, just to get back on the blogging horse, so hold me to it.  I have lots of reviews and giveaways, but I’m not feeling it yet.  Hopefully by forcing myself to post a little something every day, my love for blogging will come back.

Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday and don’t find yourself in a similar blue mood.