Salisbury MeatballsUsually when I do a session of freezer cooking I schlep to Costco and haul the 25-30 pounds of groceries into the car and if I’ve planned it right, the hub’s is home to carry them into the house. It doesn’t always happen that way and many times I’ve had to haul the enormous amounts of meat and vegetables up the two flights of stairs myself.

Well, the hubs leaves for his annual hunting trip with his brothers in the morning (yes, I’m a vegetarian and he’s a hunter, go figure). Since he’ll be gone, I splurged and ordered this weeks’ groceries from

Why’s this unusual? I HATE Safeway and won’t shop there; I shop Albertsons.  My husband refuses to shop Albertsons and will only shop Safeway.  Unfortunately, Albertson’s discontinued their home delivery some time ago, so I was forced to use Safeway.  I’ll give it to them, they had a huge variety of organic and vegetarian options.

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Anyway, on Thursday, Safeway will be delivering 6 pounds of ground beef, 10 pounds of potatoes, 6 pounds of “green” laundry detergent, and assorted other ingredients to make two of the same dishes I made on my last freezer cooking session. I’ll be making the Chilada Cheese Bake and Salisbury Meatballs again – yes, he loved them that much! Both are recipes from Fix, Freeze, Feast which is fast becoming my favorite Freezer Cooking Cookbook.  I found meatless-meatballs at Safeway and ordered vegetarian “beef” broth from an online store that only sells soup, so I’ll be reformatting the recipe for me.  I can’t wait!  The sauce on these meatballs smells divine!

I wish I could post the recipes here, but I don’t have permission. But, I did find the book at my local library so you may as well.  They do have some sample recipes on their site:  Basil-Balsamic Chops, Mango-Cranberry Chicken,  and Tequila-Lime Chicken.  Unfortunately, I’ve not tried any of the sample recipes, but unlike other books, we’ve yet to find a dud (I wish I could say the same for the 30-day OAMC recipes – there have been some costly mistakes and several that were terrible and tossed).

I’ll be saying good-bye to my sweetie in 3 hours and then I’ll be going back to bed and sleeping in. The dogs and I will miss him, but the house will be full of yummy food when he gets back.