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Day 1, yesterday, trip to Costco for 9 lbs of ground beef, 3 lbs of chicken, and 20 cups of grated cheese. Oh, and I threw in a new computer that I decided I HAD to have for the business.  Brought it all home, packed the fridge, and since I didn’t feel great, didn’t set up the computer.

Date 2, slept until 3pm because I wasn’t feeling well. Got up, browned 6 lbs of ground beef, 3 with onion and garlic, 3 without and browned the 3 lbs of chicken plus made 6 cups of rice (2 uncooked).  How does a vegetarian deal with all that meat?  LOT’S of disposable gloves, bought in boxes of 500, lots of Clorox GreenWorks cleaner (I don’t use bleach because it’s bad for the environment), and with lots of thoughts of, “Oh, yuk!” and a permanent cringe on my face.

Hub’s came home about 6:30pm, turned on the heat, put on comfy clothes, and fell asleep in the chair. Not weird you say?  It is for my husband.  He NEVER turns up the heat and quite often switches it off out in the garage so I’m left to bundle up and he NEVER sits down until bedtime and in the 30 years I’ve known him, I”ve only seen him fall asleep in the chair once before.  The second he sat down I knew he either had something to confess, or he was sick.  Sure enough, he’s sick, and to make it worse, he’s been exposed to Swine flu.  Now I know, most are saying it’s no big deal.  However, they’re not over 50 and used to being extremely active.  Plus, they’re not married to me, the girl with practically no immune system.  I’m being careful not to touch/kiss/etc. with him, but he keeps saying, “face it, you’re going to be sick!”  A girl can hope, right?

fixSo tomorrow, day 3 I’m going to make three pounds of meatballs, more rice (I forgot about 2 second recipe that called for it) and the rest. What am I making?  Spanish Rice, Salisbury Meatballs, Chicken & Broccoli Rice, and Beef Tostada Bake all from Fix, Freeze, Feast (my 2nd fav book on OAMC).  I usually do all the meat prep on one day so I can keep the clean-up down, but I just didn’t feel like doing the meatballs today.

Hub’s is off work tomorrow by coincidence.  I’m hoping he gets better and I stay healthy.  I’ve got a ton of food in the fridge that needs to be completed and a computer that needs to be set up – never has a new computer been kept waiting around here before.  Sorry Swine Flu, I don’t have time for you right now!

Wish me luck!

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