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The hubs and I decided to spend Halloween night out on a date rather than waiting at home for the handful of Trick-or-Treaters that are up to walking up our hill and then our stairs. Sadly, over the last 15 years or so, the only ones to come by are those kids that are way too old to be out at all.  It sort of ruined Halloween for us and for the first time in 21 years, we decided to do something else.

First, a steak house. Yes, I’m a vegetarian and there’s not much at a steak house for me, but hub’s LOVES meat.  We started with tempura asparagus and snap peas with soy sauce – totally yum.  We each had a house salad, mine with added cheese.  Hubs had a steak with prawns and scallops; I had a baked potato with three cheese butter – double yum!

I picked the movie out before we left the house. Julie/Julia. Yes, I know it’s been out for quite awhile, but it’s one hub’s said he’d love to go to and the last time we planned the outing I got sick.  It was playing in one of the smaller theaters at the multi-plex so even though there were less than 50 people, nearly half of the seats were full.

It was clear from the audience’s reaction throughout the movie that we weren’t the only ones that loved it. My one tiny complaint was that even though Meryl Streep channeled the very essence of Julia Child in voice, mannerisms, etc., she couldn’t master Julia’s height.  Julia Child was 6′ 2″, Meryl is 5′ 6″.  As a tall girl, I’m  very aware of always being the biggest girl in the room and quite often as tall or taller than all the men.  In many scenes they made it work, but in just as many scenes, she shrunk visibly.  My husband didn’t notice it until after the movie when I pointed it out, but I noticed it from scene to scene.

Amy Adams was fabulous. She played the part brilliantly, but then I adore her. Enchanted is one of my favorite movies.

When I got home I read Julie’s blog for the first time. As I read, I realized that as she found the real Julia different than the one she had in her head, I found the Julie portrayed by Amy Adams a much more sanitized version.  The real Julia’s blog is snarkier than I expected and the use of foul language is abundant. It’s not a blog I’d read normally.  I guess the most surprising thing was that she wrote another book, about an affair she had that wasn’t mentioned in the movie.  It ruined the love story aspect of the movie for me.  I guess in the end, sometimes it’s better to keep the character in your head, as she did with Julia, than to find out they’re human.

In the end I have no desire to read any more of Julie’s blog, nor her books, but I’m very interested in reading about Julia’s My Life In France. I’ve had enough with foul-mouth blogging and prefer those who can find other ways to share their emotions.

I do have one thing in common with Julie/Julia. I’m also discovering cooking, at the age of 48, and realizing that it’s something I enjoy.  Granted, I’ll NEVER bone a duck, or cook a lobster, but I think I’m the new version of Julia – all butter, all the time, but vegetarian as well.

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