todaysfarmlogoThe great folks at Today’s Farm sent me their four fruit snacks to sample and I have fallen in love with the Apple Cinnamon snacks! I’d pretty much given up freeze dried snacks because most of them are really thinly sliced so they are hard and crunchy, or they’re chopped up into little tidbits more appropriate for doggy training treats than an adult.

Today’s Farm manufacturers the most amazing fruit snacks – do I really love them? Uh, I purchased a case and we’re halfway through it all ready, so I’d say that’s a yes sir!  Why do I love them?  Well, here are the snacks my son (he’s 23) and I tried and what we thought of them:

Today’s Farm Freeze-dried Apple Cinnamon Snacks – My #1 favorite!  The .75 oz  package is the equivalent of 1 Medium size Apple.  I’m not a huge fan of fresh apples, I don’t like the peel, so this is the perfect way for me to eat them.  The ingredients?  Apples, sugar & cinnamon!  That’s it!  No funky chemicals, nothing I can’t pronounce.  And the best part is they’re fantastic!  They’re sliced vertically rather than horizontally like most manufacturers do.  They’re thick and dried to perfection so they’re crispy and not chewy.  Total calories are 85 for the delicious packet.

Today’s Farm Freeze-dried Strawberry Snacks –My next favorite is a  .50 oz. package that is the equivalent of 1 cup of Fresh Strawberries! Ingredients?  STRAWBERRIES!  That’s it!  They’re as sweet as the berries themselves so some are tangy and others sweet.  They taste very much like the Red Berries in Special K, only fresher.  They’re like little bits of Strawberry Cotton Candy in your mouth and they just melt away – but they’re dried to perfection and crunchy just like the apples.  They’re only 45 calories for the .50 oz bag and they’re perfect to toss into your yogurt, cereal or on top of that bowl of ice cream you enjoy every night!

Today’s Farm Freeze-dried Pineapple Snacks – I’ve never had freeze dried Pineapple and coincidentally my son had a package of dried pineapple the day these arrived.  We tried them side-by-side and we both agreed the freeze dried was better, tasted more like real pineapple, and had a more pleasing texture.  The .75 oz package is the equivalent of a 1/2 cup serving of fresh pineapple. Another amazing ice cream topping or yogurt filler.  The pineapple was my son’s favorite hands-down.  Total calories 80 – total ingredients?  One – Pineapple!

Today’s Farm Freeze-dried Peach Snacks –  If you like peaches, you’ll love these!  They’re crispy and crunchy and not at all like most freeze dried peaches.  The .75oz package  is the equivalent of 1/2 cup servings of fresh peach. These would be great in yogurt, hot or cold breakfast cereal, or ice cream.  Unfortunately, neither my son or I like peaches, so while these were great, they weren’t for us. I think people fall into the peach or pear camp – we love pears.  Now if they’d freeze dry pears we’d be in heaven!  Total calories 90 – total ingredients – nothing but peaches!

My son and I both loved the taste of the Today’s Farm snacks and I loved the quality and nutrition they all provided. Again, we’ve already purchased a case and are loving it.  These will have a place in our snack repertoire for a long time.  They’d be perfect for mom’s with little ones – so many “fruit” snacks made for kids are full of ingredients that aren’t pronounceable, nor necessary. These are the perfect size for a child’s lunch box or to toss in your bag for snack emergencies as unlike their fresh counterpart, there’s nothing to leak or stain.  Perfect kid (or adult!) food at about $2 per pack (cheaper by the case and with free shipping).

Today’s Farm snacks are available online at the Justice Foods website (use promotion code summer at check out for a 20% discount!  Good until 8/31/09) as well as Amazon and other retailers.



Please Note:  Justus Foods provided us with 4 individual servings of their fruit snacks so that I could give my honest opinion. The reciept of the product does not negate the authenticity of my review.