momsbestlogoI wrote about Mom’s Best Naturals a few months ago – highlighting their Oats and Honey Blend Cereal (you can read that post here). Well, the folks at Mom’s Best have sent me two new flavors to try and like their earlier counterpart, they’re delicious and nutritious!

The first flavor I sampled was their Mallow Oats® – a sweetened whole grain oat cereal with natural marshmallow pieces (think Lucky Charms). But unlike Lucky Charms, there’s nothing artificial, no added saturated fat or hydrogenated oils,  and no high fructose corn syrup.  Now I’m vegetarian so I stopped eating gelatin long ago, and gelatin is used in the making of marshmallows, but I took one for the team and tried them.  These are as delicious as the Lucky Charms I grew up on.  I finished the box by picking out the round marshmallows and giving them to the dogs – they loved them.  Each serving as 14g of whole grain.

A close look at these yummy cereals!

A close look at these yummy cereals!

The second flavor was Mom’s Best Naturals Honey-ful Wheat® – the most delicious caramelized flavor on puffed wheat cereal. When I was a kid we ate Sugar Puffs but I don’t think they call them that any more.  These are as good as I remember, but these have nothing artificial, no added saturated fat or hydrogenated oils, no high fructose corn syrup and they’re vegetarian friendly.

I love that Mom’s Best Naturals allows me to have the kid-friendly cereals from my youth, but without all the chemicals and additives. If my kids were still little, I’d be happy feeding them these without a worry.

Check out their Special Offer and Printable Coupons section.


Please Note:  The nice folks at Mom’s Best Naturals provided me with a box of each cereal – this did not affect the authenticity of my review.

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