http://supernaturalmom.comI just finished reading, “Super Natural Home: Improve Your Health, Home, and Planet–One Room at a Time” by Beth Greer and I’m so excited to make some changes that will improve my family’s health. Beth’s book takes a look at the entire home environment, room by room, and gives practical advice on how to start to make the change to better choices that benefit your health as well as the environment.  Even better, she doesn’t wave a green flag in your face, just gives you the facts and lets you decide for yourself.  She notes often that it’s not the single exposure that’s the problem, it’s the daily short exposures over a lifetime, that we should be considered.

Greer goes into in depth information about the carcinogens, their origination, cause, and ways to avoid them in everyday living. She covers what you eat, what you wear, your make-up and personal care products, and your home.  She offers up alternatives to dangerous chemical cleaners, do-it-yourself veggie wash, and more.

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She also goes room by room in the house starting with the room she calls one of the most important – the bedroom. It’s here where you spend about 1/3 of your life with your face planted firmly into the bed and bedding.  Do you know what yours are made of?  Likely synthetic sheets and mattress.  Unfortunately, these off gas and release chemicals into the air.  You’re inhaling that 8 hours or more a night.  Much of the off-gas is from the flame retardant treatment and water- and stain-resistance chemicals – all are recognized as carcinogens.

If you can afford a new mattress, Greer gives you lots of options as well as links. If a new mattress isn’t in the budge, she gives information on how to help protect yourself from your current mattress.  She also emphasizes that a wooden bed, instead of one made by particleboard or fiberboard, both of which can give off toxic fumes, is a healthier option.

Babies & kids’ mattresses are extremely important.  Infants are growing and their brains are changing rapidly. An organic and non-toxic mattress is the safest for your little one who spends an inordinate amount of time in her bed.  Organic bedding is also a must.  Perhaps it’s not as bright or colorful, but it’s not off-gassing harmful toxins, either.

Greer’s book is so comprehensive and full of DIY recipes and tips, it’s an absolute must have for anyone wanting to take on the greening process one step at a time or one room at a time. I’m thrilled with the amount I’ve learned – I devoured the book in one afternoon and I’ll keep it as a handy reference as I try to make simple changes that will in the end amount to a huge improvement in my life.

My first change? I’m dumping the dandruff shampoo I’ve used for 20+ years – it has ingredients that can cause neurological issues.  I have MS, a neurological disorder.  Can I blame it on the shampoo? Probably not, but exposing myself to the chemicals every day for nearly 30 years probably didn’t help.  I’m off to find an alternative and am switching to a natural toothpaste as well.   Am I giving up caring for myself? No way!  I’m just looking to do it better.


Please Note:  I received a review copy of this book – it did not affect the outcome of my review in any way.

About Beth Greer

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Bio: Beth Greer, Super Natural Mom, is an award-winning journalist and holistic health advocate. She is author of the Amazon bestseller “Super Natural Home” and is host of “The Super Natural Mom Show” on Progessive Radio Network.

She has helped thousands of people see possibilities and feel empowered to make changes in their lives through her role as the former President and co-owner of The Learning Annex, the largest private alternative adult education company in America. She produced cutting-edge personal growth seminars in eight metropolitan cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, and was also the Executive Editor of its 50-page magazine with a national readership of 2.9 million people.

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