When people think about cotton, often the TV commercials produced by Cotton Incorporated (America’s Cotton Producers and Importers) come to mind. Their slogan,  “Cotton, the fabric of our lives.” is very catchy and the commercials are filled with images of purity and innocence.

Unfortunately, what the Cotton Producers and Importers don’t tell you is that cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the US. The USDA reports that more than 53 million pounds of pesticides and 1.6 billion pounds of synthetic fertilizers are applied to cotton fields annually.  Organic cotton is grown without chemical agents and a field must be chemical-free for three years before it can be certified organic.1

Source:  http://www.thefabricofourlives.com/

Cotton Incorporated goes on to provide confusing messages by putting the word “natural” in their logo and changing the background of the logo to green in their newest ad campaign. But natural does not equal organic.  Natural means it’s not a synthetic material, and that’s it.  Many of the chemicals used in traditional cotton farming are  known carcinogens that may damage the nervous system.  This toxic spray gets released into the air, soil, and water.  Beyond what the chemical residue is doing to you, it’s poisoning the farm workers as well.  There’s nothing natural about that.

B nature’s unique line of baby apparel uses 100% organic cotton. Their goal is to find the environmentally sound and ultimately healthier routes in developing and sustaining their unique line of baby clothing.  They chose 100% organic cotton to promote a balance with nature and to minimize the environmental impact.  As B nature notes, “…organic farming promotes eco and people-friendly, healthy living. Organic farming communities benefit from elevated health standards, cleaner water, living wages, organized labor and more.”
B nature offers great options for everyday wear. Bodysuits, Rompers, Gowns, Tops, Bottoms, and Accessories in colors like greentea, chestnut, wheat, Pistachio, Rose, and Ivory. No, you won’t find bright, over-dyed clothes or prints, but you will find super-comfy, tag-free, washable, wearable, and huggable clothing for infants from six to eighteen months.  B nature’s line is designed by moms and grandmothers who believe in happy and healthy children.
B nature products are available at fine organic retailers across the nation as well as online boutiques. Visit their Store Locater page for more information.
Consider organic cotton – especially for your child’s nightwear.  You’ll be doing a world of good for her.
Enter to win this beautiful top!

Enter to win this beautiful top from B nature! Photo credit: bnatureorganic.com


The nice mom’s as B nature have sent me a sample and I’m giving it away to one of my readers! The B nature’s Organic Girl’s Pointel Top is adorable and so soft.  All of the seams and hem are scratch-free!  Lightweight and comfy, it’s great for any occasion.  Pretty rounded collar with soft tie at neck.  Designed for maximum comfort and the layered look adds style.  Machine wash cold; tumble dry low.  It’s the perfect baby shower gift!  Retail Value:  $21
SIZE:  03-06 months (fits 26.8″ tall & 16.53 lbs).
To Enter – Visit the B nature site and tell me your favorite item and comment below. Regular contest rules apply.  Open to all readers.  Contest ends July 10, 8pm PT.

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