Who hasn’t looked at Cinderella‘s Fairy Godmother with just a little envy? Someone why can make all your dreams come true, even if only for a moment.

Fairy Godmothers have a magical wisdom and in this new series for preteen girls, this powerful army of women, with the gifts of Singing Stones, Spirikins, Kalis Sticks, and Magic Hand Mirrors, will share their magical treasures with your daughter, grand daughter, niece, etc. Such fabulous powers have been handed down through generations and your preteen (ages 7-12) will be connected to them at a school of the heart in a dream world called Aventurine.

1st in the Fairy Godmother Academy - Birdie's Book

The first book in the series, “The Fairy Godmother Academy #1: Birdie’s Book” will be available on August 25, 2009 (available for preorder).

Where do fairy godmothers come from?

When Birdie goes to visit her grandmother for the first time, she learns that her grandmother is a fairy godmother—which means Birdie’s a fairy godmother too! Trained by fairies in a magical land called Aventurine, human fairy godmothers have been hidden protectors of the world for centuries. Birdie’s family talisman, a singing stone, has been broken, and now only Birdie can use the stone to travel to Aventurine to repair it. When she gets there she meets Kerka, a warrior-like girl who has been sent to help her find the other half of the stone. Will Birdie and Kerka have the knowledge and strength to banish the shadow that has come over both the garden in Aventurine and Birdie’s family? One thing’s for sure—no one who travels to Aventurine will ever be the same again!

Kerka's Book - the 2nd in the Series

The second book, “The Fairy Godmother Academy #2: Kerka’s Book” will be available on December 22, 2009 (available for preorder).

Kerka Laine is not one to sit around and let things happen to her. She knows that she comes from a long line of fairy godmothers and that she is destined to start training as a fairy godmother herself. She just hates waiting for the training to begin! When her dreams take her to Aventurine, the place where human girls go to unlock their own special kind of magic, Kerka is more than ready for it. What she is not ready for is the quest that the fairies give her. She must find her younger sister’s voice before the sun rises on a mountain range called the Three Queens. Kerka has no problem with a
challenge, but how can she find something that is invisible? It is with this problem that Kerka begins the dangerous journey that will not only determine her future as a fairy godmother, but also the fate of her sisters.

The eight-book Fairy Godmother Academy series, published by Random House Children’s Books, offers a trans-media brand that your preteen will be able to explore in addition to the books. The online site is in preview, but you can read a chapter of the first book, see the games that will be available soon, as well as check out the protected social networking area where your preteen will be able to meet others readers to expand their journey. There will be online as well as offline activities and music. I especially like the Aventurine Wardrobe, where girls can dress their favorite characters with the online paper doll game.

The online site is gorgeous! Mixing just the right amount of make-believe and magic. They’ve definitely designed with tweens in mind and yet it’s appealing to older people like myself. I’m looking forward to reading the book as well as checking out the site when it launches.