nwfMy kids grew up understanding and appreciating animals and nature because we made it a part of their everyday lives. We started them on “Your Big Backyard” when then were first learning to read.  The large print, fabulous illustrations, and easy-to-read stories kept them entertained and sparked lots of discussions.  They loved checking the mailbox for the new issue and always knew who’s turn it was to read it first.  Aimed at kids 3-7, it wasn’t long before the oldest was ready for the next step up, the “Ranger Rick” magazine.  For two years they each got their own magazine but swapped them often.

That was in the early 90’s. Now the National Wildlife Foundation even has a magazine for 1-4 year olds!  Called “Wild Animal Baby” it’s 12-monthly magazines and filled with bright colors and great illustrations.  They’ve also added endangered species adoptions for kids.  Reasonably priced at $30 and up, the child “adopts” his or her favorite animal and they receive a stuffed version to enjoy.  They learn all about their animal, where it lives, and why it’s currently endangered.  Additionally, there are nature DVDs – so much better than cartoons – that  feature baby animals in their habitats.

The kids are grown and mostly gone, but I’m still enjoying National Wildlife Foundation products. I purchased a backyard bird identification book and bird feeder for my husband’s birthday.  We have a little more time for just sitting on the deck and listening to the birds now.  I like knowing that my purchase is funding education and the  protection of wildlife habitat.

Teaching kids about animals makes them more compassionate as adults and the kids magazines, plush toys, and more available from the National Wildlife Federation will be great gifts and ones your children will enjoy for some time. And that will will serve them well as they grown into fabulous adults.


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