adagiosI first discovered Adagio’s Gourmet Teas when I found out my college son had become a tea drinker. Since I knew nothing about tea, I needed to find a site that would help me out.  All I knew was that my son’s favorite tea was “red” tea.  Armed with just that tiny bit of information, I started searching and found out that what he really loves was Roobios tea.  Further digging on the internet turned up so many varieties of Roobios – I didn’t know which to buy.

I came about the Adagio site and found some very comprehensive information on the teas and more importantly, lots of  user’s reviews. In addition to the reviews, each tea is rated by users so generally the higher the rating the more popular the tea.

I also love that they had sample tins of every variety – that made buying from them risk-free! The samples are $4-$7 depending on the tea and each makes about 5 cups of tea. I read the reviews and fabulous descriptions and settled on several red teas as well as a few holiday samplings.  I also checked out their brewing options and found the most fabulous single-tea infuser, the IngenuiTEA, that lets you use loose tea without a bag or ball.  It steeps and then drains right into your cup.  It comes in a larger version as well that brews a few cups – I purchased that one later on for him to make cold tea in bulk.

Adagio Teas Introduces Chai Tea!Adagio stocks an amazing amount of tea. For Roobios alone, they have 13 different flavors including Almond, Berry, Caramel, Cinnamon Apple, Cocomint, Earl Grey, Jasmine, Mango, Orange, Peach, Tropics, and Vanilla.  My son’s favorites are the Roobios Caramel and Roobios Vanilla.  I’ve also gotten him Honeybush Chocolate and Honeybush Vanilla – he loves both of these as well.  They also stock Black, Flavored, Chai, Oolong, White, Green, Herbal, Decaf, Blooms, Blends, and Iced, as well as gift packes.

The tea arrived in adorable tins and my son loved all but one of them. I also purchased amber and white sugar samples and he loved both.  I now regularly restock his supply when I reorder tea.  I’ve ordered several times since that first order and with the exception of one error on an order, they’ve all arrived quickly and are packed beautifully.  When Adagio Teas was notified of the order issue, they sent the replacement tea immediately along with two samples.

My son loved it so much he badgered me to try it.  I picked out several different types of herbal to try because I knew I’d never like any that was “tea” flavored. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it. I’ve decided that at 50 I’m just never going to like tea. Too bad, it smells so good in the tin.  I guess I can use it as potpourri 🙂

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