Photo provided by Eden Organics and used with permission

Photo provided by Eden Organics and used with permission

I had the fabulous opportunity of trying out Eden Organics Fruit Butters – apple, cherry, and apple/cherry. I haven’t had fruit butter since I was a teen.  My grandmother made them, and I remember slathering them on buttery toast and thoroughly enjoying them.  Grandma stopped cooking, and I switched to commercially prepared jams and jellies.  I don’t think there was any fruit butter on the market back then (yes, I’m old, that was the 70s).

If you’ve never had a fruit butter, you may be curious about the texture. It’s NOTHING like butter.  I think the name comes from the fact you can use it like butter – as a topping.  It’s much more like a very thick applesauce.  The difference between a fruit sauce and fruit butter is that a fruit butter is thicker,  more consolidated, and closer to a paste (think tomato paste); whereas applesauce is more granular and thinner.  Not technical terms, but hopefully that helps explain it a bit.

The Eden Organics Fruit Butters taste simply wonderful!  The cherry butter is the first one I tried.  Labeled Organic Tart Cherry Butter, it’s made from organic Montmorency cherries.  It takes three pounds of fresh cherries to make an 8oz jar of butter.  And that’s all that in it – just cherries!  It’s tart but in a great way.  I loved it.  I think it’s fabulous on toast, bagels, muffins, pancakes, etc., but it’s also amazing on Vanilla Ice Cream, and I’m thinking about making a blueberry muffin recipe but replacing the blueberries with a dollop of Cherry Butter on the top to bake in – yum!

The Apple Butter was as good as I remember Grandma making. Just enough apple juice added for a bit more flavor (apples cooked down can lose some of that fresh apple taste) and that’s it!  Like the Cherry Butter, it’s fabulous on baked goods, pork chops, and anywhere else you might like applesauce or baked apples.

My favorite was theApple/Cherry butter. A perfect combination of tart and sweet with a rich, complex flavor.  If I had to pick just one, this would be it.  Apply it liberally for the best experience.

edenorganiclogo1Eden Organics Fruit Butters are made the way my grandma made them – slowly cooked in a kettle to perfection without refined sweeteners, chemical processing aids, or preservatives. Eden Organics only uses certified Organic berries, and they’ve worked with family-owned orchards for 15-years to get them to that certification and to keep the level of purity high.

Photo (C) Eden Organics

Eden Organics offers a wealth of information on where their products are grown, how they’re processed, and they provide recipes, so you’ll have some additional ideas on how to use them. They also offer a weekly Podcast, Come to the Table with Eden and WJR Radio.  It’s a show that celebrates real food with local flavor.  They also offer downloadable Brochures in PDF format with additional recipes and stories about their products.

As someone who cares where her food comes from, I’m happy to have a resource like Eden Foods. Their website carries a huge selection of pasta, grains, snack foods, and more including gift baskets, all certified organic.

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