Yes, it’s true.  My husband, a Fire Fighter of nearly 30 years, who fights wildfires as a hobby, is a softie! When our little dog Gracie got lost for nine hours last week, he was beside himself.  Partly because he was worried I’d blame him (I didn’t) and because she’s wrapped herself around his heart.

Gracie is the dog he swore he’d never like, would never take for a walk wearing the ridiculous dress harness I put on her (pink and yellow with white daisies), and would never get attached to her.

You see, he’s a hunter, and his dog is a Brittany. For the hubby, the Brittany works on command.  For me, the Brittany is a big, sloppy lap dog.  Anyway, when Gracie showed up after 9 hours by walking through his legs and into the garage, this tough Lieutenant brought her to me in his arms, and he was BAWLING and asking her where she’d been and why she did this to him.

Gotta love a softie 🙂
PS:  If the hubby should see this or ask about this, I never posted it 😉  It’s OUR secret!  Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh