smellywasherGot a smelly washer?
Evidently many people do, especially those with front loading washers.  My washer is a hand-me-down from my mom after my fancy, but repair-prone, Calypso washer was ditched for a tried-an-true washer my mom owned.   Over time, I noticed the machine has taken on a mildewy smell, and the occasional load of laundry that got left in it became smelly much faster.  That’s when I started looking into the problem and found out that there is a solution.

Fungus odor in clothes washers is caused by fungus that attaches to plastic and rubber parts in your washer. Clothes washers provide the perfect environment for fungus to grow because of the dark,wet conditions and because the detergent buildup is a food source. These fungus spores accumulate and are transferred to clothing and towels (especially cotton). In order to remove the odor it is necessary to get rid of the fungus and mildew from the washer before trying to remove it from clothing and towels.


Smelly Washer Cleaner is made from completely natural, citrus-based ingredients. Used in your washer at its HOTTEST setting, Smellywasher will clean away the mold and mildew built up inside your washer.  For stubborn smells, it may take more than one treatment.

What causes a smelly washer? It turns out that the detergent used to clean your clothes also frees the mildew!  The makers of Smelly Washer recommend using 1/4 of the amount the detergent manufacturer recommends and then use hot water to wash with instead of cold.  I’m not sure that I’m ready to go that far, but I have started using half of the amount and warm water, and so far I’m still getting clean clothes. They also recommend using dry fabric softener sheets instead of softener added in the wash.  I’ve always used dryer sheets, so this wasn’t a problem for me.

Once your washer is clean, keep it that way by using Smelly Washer monthly – one bottle is enough for a year of treatments. Also, if you DON’T have children in the household, keeping the lid open when not in use will help prevent the smell from coming back.


Smell isn’t the only issue – it’s what’s causing the smell.  Get rid of the fungus and mold hiding out in your washer and ending up next to your skin.



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