I was recently diagnosed with several vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Since healthy eating wasn’t giving me the vitamins and minerals I needed, my MD suggested I start taking supplements.  Specifically iron, Vitamin D, B12, and Calcium.  And since for the first time in my life my cholesterol was over the “normal” range she suggested an Omega-3 supplement as well.

I’m  vegetarian and although I need these substances to sustain and improve my life, I wasn’t willing to do it at the detriment of animals, so I started searching for vegetarian options. After a lot of web searching, I settled on a website called to purchase my supplements (vegetarian and vegan supplements are not typically sold at grocery and superstores, however, you can find them at Whole Foods and other natural stores).  I chose because they had the best prices and shipping for the DEVA brand.  I do wish they had more information about the supplements, but I’m able to find that information directly on the Deva site so it’s not a huge issue.

DEVA vitamins and supplements are 100% vegan, vegetarian and are certified by the Vegan Society. Additionally, their gel capsules are plant based and NOT made from gelatin.

These are the supplements I chose:

  • The Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral – One Daily –  a balanced multiple vitamin and mineral especially formulated for the unique needs of vegans and vegetarians. DEVA has put more emphasis on vitamin B-12 and iron in these supplements because vegetarians and vegans are more likely to be deficient in B-12 and iron (as I was, but I was also anemic while a meat eater).   The iron does not have the horrible gastrointestinal side effects other non-vegetarian brands have caused and there’s no bad taste as I found with the liquid vegetarian brands. Other Ingredients: Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Croscarmellose Sodium, Vegetable Stearate, Modified Cellulose Gum, Silicon Dioxide (All of the ingredients are from  plant or mineral sources)
  • The Omega-3 – It’s an alternative to fish oil DEVA Omega-3 DHA is appreciated by anyone who would like the health benefits without the fishy burp from standard capsuls.  The vegan Omega-3 is derived from algae.Other Ingredients: Vegan Capsule, Grapeseed Oil, Lecithin IP, Candelilla Wax, Natural Vitamin E, Enteric Coating (All of the ingredients are from plant/mineral sources)
  • Deva Vegan Cal-Mag Plus – “Needed for muscle contraction, blood vessel contraction and expansion, the secretion of hormones and enzymes, and sending messages through the nervous system. A constant level of calcium is maintained in body fluid and tissues so that these vital body processes function efficiently. More than 99% of total body calcium is stored in the bones and teeth where it functions to support their structure. The remaining 1% is found throughout the body in blood, muscle, and the fluid between cells. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body, has several important functions.”

    Magnesium is a must. The diets of all Americans are likely to be deficient……..Even a mild deficiency causes sensitiveness to noise, nervousness, irritability, mental depression, confusion, twitching, trembling, apprehension, insomnia, muscle weakness and cramps in the toes, feet, legs, or fingers.

    Adelle Davis, writing in Let’s Have Healthy Children

I’ve been taking them for a few months and I must say, I feel great. I still suffer from chronic fatigue because of my neurological disorder, but on a scale of 1 to 10, I’ve moved from a 2 to a 6, and that’s good enough for me! carries traditional vitamins as well. Delivery is quick and I always purchase in bulk to qualify for free shipping.

Consider having a simple blood test to find out if you are suffering from vitamin deficiencies and then do it yearly to be sure you’re supplementing correctly.


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