wtwtaThe new Trailer for Where the Wild Things Are are has been released! The movie, directed by Spike Jonze, is an adaption of Maurice Sendak‘s classic story.  If you’ve not read Max’s story, it’s a must read.  It was a favorite of mine as a child and one that I shared with my own children.

Max is a naughty boy who’s sent to bed without supper. It’s in his room that he creates a world inhabited by ferocious wild creatures and where he sets sail on a wild adventure.

The illustrations are whimsical and memorable and set this storybook apart from all others. It’s a book that should be purchased in hardback and kept to be shared with a future generation.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we enjoy Marice Sendak’s unique graphic styling each year as part of the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Nutcracker performances. The same over-the-top and fantasy styling are used in the sets adding to the dreaminess of the program.  Here’s an interview with Mr. Sendak done with NPR regarding his collaboration with the ballet.

Enjoy the trailer!  This is one “children’s” movie this nearly 50 year old is looking forward to.

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