Neo-Flex™ Combo WorkBase

I own a small online company and one of my obstacles was using different computers for different functions. My shipping program cannot be networked and can only be run on one computer – I had an old desktop computer that was used solely for this purpose.  The problem was it was an older computer that was running out of memory and it couldn’t access my email.  Therefore, any shipping information received by email had to be printed and carried to the shipping printer or input into so that it could be accessed on the Internet – very inconvenient!  It also meant that while I was shipping I was cutoff from email.

My choice was to purchase a new shipping computer, about $799 or a pseudo-docking station for $229.  Since sales are down during these hard economic times, the choice was easy.  The Ergotron Neo-Flex Combo Workbase was the perfect solution for me and has solved all of my problems!   I now use my main computer, a laptop, for all business functions and I’m no longer moving files around on the network or through iGoogle.  The Ergotron seats my laptop as well as a widescreen monitor so I’m able to work on both simultaneously!  I also was able to move the shipping program to the laptop and can now prepare postage from another location and print when my laptop is docked – this has saved me countless hours!

Ergotron Neo-Flex Combo Workbase

The Ergotron Neo-Flex Combo Workbase also comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard so long hours at the keyboard are more comfortable than ever! The base raises my laptop up to a comfortable viewing level and I’m able to use the two monitors simultaneously – work is much easier and faster this way! The flexible design enables the notebook to be configured on either the right or left side and its small footprint frees up tons of space on our shipping table.  I especially appreciate the cable management system which organizes and routes the cables keeping them neat and tidy and out of the way.

The stand is substantial!  It weighs 25 lbs and it super-stable.  It can handle a 6-16 lb monitor and 6-12 lb laptop.  It’s height adjustable so you can find the perfect spot for yourself.  Assistance is available on the illustrated instructions to help you choose the best height for you.

I’m been so pleased with the Ergotron that I wonder now why I didn’t do this earlier. I’m more comfortable and finally have a solution that fits my small business perfectly.

Cool online tools to help you plan your perfect workspace!

  • Workplace Assessment Tool – helps a user evaluate basic ergonomic layout of desk/work area
  • Workspace Planner – finds the right height for workstation components. Create an ergonomic workspace following three easy steps
  • – pulls everything “ergonomic” together for a user
  • Multi-Monitor Payback Calculator – held people determine ROI and payback on additional monitor investment

The Ergotron Advantage:

  • Quality Tested100% Functional Test for every product; Cycle Test done on sample from every lot; Environmental Certifications…RoHS compliance for all products—tested and verified (RoHS tester at China manufacturing facility adds extra assurance that products are free of harmful substances like lead and mercury); WEEE compliance for powered products
  • CF Technology – Constant Force Technology; Easily position a display exactly where you need it. No matter which way you lift, tilt or turn your screen, the effort remains very small.
  • Ergonomics & WellnessErgotron products adapt technology to the physical needs of each individual. This creates a work environment that promotes wellness while improving productivity.
  • Multi-Display ProductivityToggling back and forth between documents and applications is reduced or eliminated, decreasing the time it takes to complete each task. Ergotron solutions also create healthy computing environments—further complementing workflow efficiency.
  • Environmentally Responsible –  Durable and adaptable product design translates to long-term use (not disposal) of our products. Furthermore, when you invest in an Ergotron mounting solution, you are getting a product that complies with all international environmental regulations related to its design, manufacture and packaging.
  • History of InnovationFounded in 1982 by VESA FDMI standard author and visionary Harry Sweere, Ergotron’s products have been improving the human interface with digital displays for more than 25 years.
  • World-Class OperationsErgotron established a manufacturing operation in China to better serve its international customers. Located in Dongguan City, Guangdong, the facility is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of Ergotron products.
  • 4sightTechnology is changing fast. 4sight will help you keep pace, uncovering trends and solutions in display technology.


PLEASE NOTE:  I received a Ergotron Neo-Flex Combo Workbase in order to prepare this review.  This did not affect the conclusions I reached on the effectivness of the unit.

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