Nubar –The Healthy Alternative for Beautiful Nails is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative, high-quality Nail Art and Nail Care products.  Nubar’s non-toxic line includes 14 Nail Treatments, over 180 lacquer colors, and Moodies-48 color changing nail lacquers. Nubar also carries 48 colors of nail art complete with their own individual striping brush and dotting tools.

I tried out Nubar’s Sexy Red nail lacquer. I loved the color but found the lacquer a little disappointing.  The color was beautiful, and it went on smoothly. The shine was amazing. Unfortunately, it was slow to dry, taking much longer than I expected, so I ended up with lacquer on my lip from testing it there for dryness.   To be fair, I received only the polish and not a base and top coat, both of which would have improved the performance of the color. Additionally, red is highly pigmented, so using it on my bare nails left them stained.  Using a base coat before application remedies this problem.

I also tried out the Nubar non-Acetone Cucumber Polish remover.  It has a light cucumber scent was lovely, and it removed the polish quickly; however, it wasn’t able to remove the stain.  It works for natural or artificial nails and is fortified with Calcium and Potassium- major minerals found in healthy nails and it removed the lacquer without drying or stripping even my fragile nails.

I do love the colors available and the brilliant shine. TheirFrench manicure 4 Pack is more my style and also contains everything you need for the perfect manicure as well.  I also would love to try their nail art brushes and jewels.  Both are a fun way to spice up a manicure or pedicure.

All of Nubar’s products are free of harmful ingredients such as; Toluene, Formaldehyde or DBP (Phthalates) – all of which have been linked to cancer. Additionally, they sell several sets which benefit cancer research such as the Support the Cure 4 pack (of which 10% of the retail price of the Collection for the Cure will go towards St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Cancer Treatment Research Foundation and the City of Hope.) It’s great to be able to support others while using healthier alternatives.

You may have seenNubar ‘s Pasadena Purple recently on Ginnifer Goodwin in the movie He’s Just Not That Into You or featured in Entertainment Weekly. It’s the hot color this spring for nails.

Trendy colors and great accents makeNubar a company I’ll try again.