This cooler is the best thing I’ve ever done for my notebook.   Cooling your laptop is important – it can improve its performance and extend its life.  Before purchasing the Cooler, my notebook would overheat and shut down unexpectedly.  This was not only frustrating but sometimes resulted in me losing work.

I’d tried another USB notebook cooler with my last laptop and found it useless.  My computer still overheated and the noise of the fan was annoying.  When I started experiencing overheating and random shutdowns with my new laptop, I decided there must be a new option. Luckily I was right.

The Antec USB-Powered Notebook Cooler works differently than past coolers.  Instead of blowing air onto the laptop (along with dust),  it creates an airflow between it and the computer.  It then draws the hot air away from the computer and blows it out through a vent on the back of the cooler.  It has two settings – low and high.  Low has been perfectly adequate for my needs, and it’s whisper quiet.

It has a great aluminum top and fits my 17″ widescreen beautifully.  My computer sits soundly atop four rubber feet which are connected to the cooler.  It does raise my computer up about 2 inches – worth the minor annoyance for the ability to work for hours without an unexpected interruption.  A bright blue led light lets you know that it’s on and that the two fans are running.  It’s set-up for a left-side connection, so if your USB port is on the right,  you may need to purchase an extension.

I’ve been using the Antec USB-Powered Notebook Cooler for just over a month, and it’s the best peripheral I’ve purchased for my notebook.  I wonder now how long my last laptop might have lasted if I’d had a cooler that truly worked like this one.

UPDATE  3/28/09 – I still love this cooler.  In fact, the kid came home from college and tried it out on is Mac Book Pro.  He loved it so much it went back to school with him, so I’ve purchased a new one for myself from Amazon.  The kid’s Mac Book gets even hotter than my HP, and he’s tried coolers before without success, so this one’s a winner for both of us.

Dimensions:  13 x 11.2 x 0.9 inches

Weight:  2.4 pounds


  • Protect your valuable investment and reduce heat-related instability
  • USB-powered cooler with pass-through connector included; Draw power from any USB port without losing use of the USB port
  • Low power consumption; No batteries or power adapter needed
  • 2 Double ball-bearing fans for reliability
  • Quieter than a whisper, only 25.9 dB(A)
  • AQ3 Antec Quality three-year warranty