Graphic Bug

Watermarking your photos is generally a waste of time. The best watermarks can be removed within minutes by a skilled graphics person.  Rather than spend time trying to protect your photos, I suggest you brand them.  Branding them is one more way to enforce your personal or web brand.

I’ve found a free online Watermarking Tool, available from, that allows you to put either a text or a graphic bug on a photo in just seconds. Perfect for someone who either doesn’t have photo editing software or when you just want a quick addition to the photo.   Since it’s online, there’s no software to download or update.  It does a single photo at a time so it’s perfect for the occasional blogger or scrapbooker.

The software is simple to use.  Browse  your hard drive for the photo you want to mark, choose text or image, and the download the finished product.  There are tons of fonts to choose from and unlimited colors.

Text Bug

The only drawbacks I’ve found is that the mark is in the upper left-hand corner and appears not to be movable.  Additionally, gifs uploaded with transparency are changed to a black background .  Beyond that, for a free program it’s pretty fantastic.  If you need a program that’s more robust, that will watermark an entire folder of photos automatically, there are many available to download for free or a small fee.


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